Blogger Swap with the Lovely Amy!!

Hi everyone!!

Long time no speak! With a two year old running around and big changes going on, I have been neglecting my blog a bit but alas! no more! 

I first heard about Blog/Vlog swaps from watching Youtubers like Piinksparkles and Sprinkle of Glitter so when Kat from announced she was to be starting a summer Blogger Swap I jumped at the chance. After a week or so I recieved an email saying I had been paired with a girl called Amy.

After much to-ing and fro-ing, we decided on the colours and accessories we liked and set a limit of £20 each. Needless to say when the gorgeous polka dot package arrived on my doorstep on Monday I was more than a little excited to see what Amy had chosen. And this lovely lot, was what awaited me! Sorry about the ripped card Amy, Alexia got more than a little excited!



I must say I loved every item in the box, two of which arent in the pictures as they have already been used, an Anatomicals Scarlet PimpleHell Mud Mask and the second was a gorgeous owl t-shirt that Amy had put into my package for my little girl – who was very pleased indeed as she loves owls.




The first thing was this Pink Tease Eye palette. I used this for the first time for my anniversary dinner last night and the colour payoff is amazing, although this does mean a little mistake shows up very quickly. I used the three colours on the far right to achieve a subtle smokey eye that went with a nude lip. 


The second item was the Wet ‘n’ Wild Fresh Effects pressed powder. It doesnt have a colour/shade on it, but we both agreed that we were the lightest shade we could find in foundation and concealer. This is a lovely powder, not cakey at all and doesnt leave you feeling as though you have an inch of make up on.Image

Next came the Sally Hansen Creme Blush in Blossom. I am newbie to the world of cream blushes but when I opened this it did seem the perfect colour for me. And excuse the scruffy looking nails! I had been dying my hair and got brown dye everywhere!Image

Two garnier skincare products were next in the box. A refreshing scrub with grape extract, which after the first use, I would say this would probably not be good for those with sensitive skin as it is quite abrasive. But it leaves your skin feeling gorgeous afterwards. I also got a Garnier Light day moisturiser, which sinks in lovely and doesnt feel as though you have to wait an hour before applying your make up. Image

We had decided that as well as beauty items, we would add a few items just on a whim that we thought each other would like. I recieved this gorgeous heart bracelet. It is hard to see but there is a little diamante in each of the hearts and it sparkles like mad in low light.Image

One of my favourite things from the box was this nude Rimmel 60 Seconds nail polish. I have looked everywhere for a name but cannot find one. It is the perfect nude, it doesnt make you look washed out but isnt too pinky that it becomes quickly noticable just nude and chic. 


The last little package of items i found was two 4ml samples of Nars Sheer Glow foundation, which I wish she hadnt sent, as now i have to go and buy the full size! Only joking Amy, but I do honest love how it feels on the skin, giving it a dewy finish that doesnt look oily at all. To go along with these, she put in my favourite lip balm of all time – Palmers Cocoa Butter Lip Balm. 

All in all it was a brilliant experience to do, I met a new friend, got some new items I would never have picked for myself, and had the enjoyment of choosing products for somebody else.

If you head across to Amy’s channel at, you can see what I sent to her.

Thanks for reading, much love,

Jade xxx


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