My travel bucket list!!

Hi everyone,


I am trying to keep up with my one post a day at the moment, I was thinking about the film The Bucket List and was going to do a post about my Top 10 things on my bucket list, when I thought two things;


  1. Most of them were to do with travelling

  2. I couldnt think of other stuff to fill in the gaps!


So instead I have decided to do a Top 10 Travel Bucket List, these are the top ten places in the world that I would love to visit before I die if money was no object.


  1. Iceland – Volcanoes and Ice Bars!!

  2. Australia – I want to spend Christmas Day on the beach!

  3. New Zealand – I always said I would take my mum to see the Hakka!

  4. The USA – I’ve always wanted to do a road trip through the smaller towns.

  5. Russia – Hate the cold but love the history.

  6. Symi – Been several times but it is a second home so cant leave it out!

  7. Norway – Always wanted to do a cruise through the Fjords!

  8. Mauritius – Just a once in a lifetime holiday

  9. Canada – Canadians Rule! Dont need to say any more!

  10. And finally, a tour around Italy, love the country, the people and would never leave!


    Let me know where you would love to go. What countries/areas would be on your bucket list?? 


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