“My name is Jade – and I’m a Bodyshopaholic!”

Hi everyone

Now I know everyone has a certain brand they like, or a company they use a lot. But looking at my spare room, I definitely think a Body Shop support group should be set up.

There is a good reason behind my stash though. Well, not the best reason ā€“ it just all smells so damn good! My favourite of the week is the Raspberry shower gel which smells exactly like the monkeys blood you get on ice cream!

I also seem to be collecting the body butters with papaya, strawberry and passionfruit among my collection. Theres just something about the lingering fruity smell that is so divine! And hours after you put it on your skin still feels soft like it has just been put on.

Definitely a brand I would recommend, anything from fruity to nutty and even home fragrances ā€“ loads of sales too which is a bonus!!

Bit of a random post tonight but after seeing the stash in the corner it had to be done!

Jade xxx


One response to ““My name is Jade – and I’m a Bodyshopaholic!”

  1. andrea

    This is great! I also love the body shop šŸ™‚ xx

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