Birchbox May 2013 Unboxing

Hi everyone, For all of you out there who don’t know what a Birchbox is, it is a monthly subscription service, where you recieve 4-5 luxury samples a month for £10 plus p+p. This is a great way to find out about new products without committing yourself to a huge bottle you are just going to throw out. Each month a box like this arrives


Inside you will find three pieces of card this month. The first is a small piece of card where they welcome you to birchbox and explain the theme of the month. This month, the theme is Red Carpet Ready. The other two sheets of card are related to  Fashion Targets Breast Cancer Charity. Birchbox promises to donate £5 to Fashion Targets Breast Cancer for every referal to their company. CIMG9846

The first thing that catches my eye is a gorgeous turquoise green tin. Upon clooser inspection I see that it isnt beauty related but is a tea, and classed as one of the beauty extras on the card you get above. Kusmi Tea is described as a healthy tea that rids your body of toxins, boosts energy and lowers stress levels. And full size costs £13.95. I am not a big tea drinker and am not to sure I would spend £13.95 on tea but it would make a good gift if you have a big tea drinker in your life.


The next thing I see is a box, and upon opening I find it is the Murad Hydro-dynamic Ultimate Moisture for Eyes. As eyes creams go this is a good sample size, and definitely worth the money as full size is £57.00. The card says “Science is at the heart of all Murad products and this clever blend of nutrients increases and maintains cellular hydration to the delicate eye area.


Now I know the third sample in the box is going to excite a lot of people as it is an OPI polish. I was eagerly waiting for my package to arrive to see which colour I was given and what funny name had been given to it, I was disappointed to say the least as the bottle is tiny and has no name on it just a number on the bottom of the bottle.Full size costs £11.50. I must say though, the colour is gorgeous! A lovely pinky red ready for the summer – if we ever get one!!



The next two items can be used together and I must say I’m very, very excited to try them out and that is the Wei Chinese Rose Foaming Cleanser and the Wei Pomegranate Buffing Beads. Described as a gentle but effective cleanser, high in vitamin C, this cleanser is said to help keep your pores clear and your oil levels in check. And as for the buffing beads, these can be added to any cleanser to create a mild exfoliant to gently slough off all of that dead skin. I will be using these two products together tonight, and full size the cleanser costs £25 and the beads cost £13, and I know I will probably end up ordering these from as they smell gorgeous!!


And the last and final thing I pick up is the Biorganics Hair Therapy Elixer Hair Perfecting Oil.  I think I picked this up last as I’m not that into haircare at the moment. With a toddler to run round after, most of the time I just chuck my hair into a high pony tail and thats that. But this does intrigue me as it says it can be used to reduce flyaways, and it is also free from parabens and all other kinds of nasties which is always a bonus! I will still give this a try. You never know, I may have found a haircare product I want to keep. It is a good sample size for an oil and full size will cost you£12.99



Overall, I am not that impressed with the sample sizes this month, but I think that is just because we got spoilt last month. However, the products themselves do look good and I look forward to using them this week and reviewing them next week for you. Please leave a comment below and I will speak to you all soon!